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For certain purposes grinding wheels are impregnated with material designed to aid or improve the grinding action. This is called "treating" the wheel. Treatment will improve the grinding action by:

(1) Reducing loading. Loading is buildup of metal on the abrasive surface resulting from working soft and ductile metals such as aluminium, soft bronze, brass, magnesium etc. The use of special treatment fills the pores and helps to prevent swart buildup.

(2) Improving cutting action and life. On heavy duty operations sufficient heat is generated to soften the treatment so that it flows and has lubricating action.

(3) Changing the grinding action. This means increasing wear resistance without affecting the rate of cut or burning the work.

(4) Helping to maintain and hold form on shaped wheels. Filling the pores adds support to the abrasive grains.

(5) Sealing the pores. Waterproofing bonded abrasive product.

Basically there are four types of treatments being applied to JOTO Grinding Wheels today. These are:

WAX - W Treatment includes paraffin and stearates. This type of treatment is used on applications to retard wheel loading.

SULPHUR - S Treatment by far most widely used. It finds extensive use in bearing industry on high-production, fast stock removal, internal grinding operations. The automotive industry also uses sulphur treated wheels. As much as 70-80% of all honing sticks are sulphur treated. Most vitrified bonded cutlery grinding wheels are sulphur treated. Sulphur treatment is not available in organic bonds. Better surface finishes can be produced with sulphur treated wheels than with wheels having no treatment.

RESIN - R Treatment is a special one applied to sides of wheels to provide improved corner holding ability.

W Treatment (proprietary) Another popular treatment used largely in the industry on high-production bore and race grinding operations. It does not have the stain and odor characteristics found in sulphur, but does add cooling and lubrication to the grind.